Unikkk is the first & only unlimited 24/7, monthly graphic design service in the world.

Design is important in brand and business development. Unikkk aims to help MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), non-profits, schools and government organizations to afford quality high graphic design. By using Unikkk, clients get one easy and quick solution to solve all their problems at once.

Our Story

Unikkk has been designing motion graphics for Jawa Barat Travel Exchange since 2016. Attended by more than 100 delegates from 18 countries including Austria, Germany, Netherland, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

We believe that high quality graphic design should be found not only in corporate environments, but also in the streets, like posters on roadside stall and building wall.

After years working in the graphic design industry, we observed that MSMEs had difficulty adjusting budgets with designer rates that were comparatively expensive. Driven by the vision that high quality graphic design could reach all kind of businesses and organizations, it pushed us to find a solution to that matter. An idea then came from a client who had been using monthly retainer service model while working with us.

Through Unikkk, we make this kind of service more widely available, so that clients can reduce expenses they usually made in fixed or hourly projects.

Unikkk with Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Technology, H.E. Mr. Rudiantara.

Unikkk is continuously growing bigger and better. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and it’s only the beginning :)

Our Vision

High quality graphic design for all.

Our Mission

To increase service quality by always prioritizing customer satisfaction, listening to customer needs, and presenting creative and innovative breakthroughs in the graphic design industry.

Our Team

Melisa Arta

Orange, The Wizard

Yusna Tarmizi

Strawberry, The Archer

Arif Mulyana

Watermelon, The Samurai

Topan Cahaya

Apple, The Cowboy

and 50+ designers are ready to help you!

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